BNS Blackwyrm on Faction

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BNS Blackwyrm on Faction

Postby TamamShamoon » March 17th, 2016, 9:31 pm

On some server people dont advertise blackwyrm on faction chat anymore. And if you join one and advertise the team will scold you for it. Which is totally understandable since everyone wants brilliant. Less people = more contribution per person.

But then there will be this group of same old face. And they farm blackwyrm whole day like whole day. Everytime i join blackwyrm this team will be there. And they will know which channels to go next and when will the wyrm spawn.

Here are my questions;
1. How did they know which channels to go next and when they will spawn ? (I guess they will note down the time when the wyrm die ? But what if they went to bed and come back .. It would be quite hard to sync back in)
2. If i die and then go born by 4 with my contribution reset ?

On poh, asking for blackwyrm is not discouraged on the blue side. Also when fighting blackwrym, after every 7th attack he will use his aoe nuke. So just count to seven and you can either dodge or Blade & Soul Gold. The only problem is some force masters or summoners will root bw, which messes up the whole rotation. Some people also use stuns which end up pulling everyone towards bw and mess up the rotation. If you got a good group of people, bw is a breeze.
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